Last day of the Summer term is Friday 19th July. School opens to pupils on Tuesday 3rd September. We hope you have a wonderful summer break.

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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6's homepage



The year 6 Pupils have decided it is time for a change!

We are in the process of re designing our class page. Keep checking the website to see how we are getting on. 

PE Kit- Please ensure you bring your PE kit to school ready for PE on Thursdays.

Homework- Children will be given a 'take away' homework menu ( see below for a copy if they lose theirs). Please help your child complete one of the tasks, they will be given raffle tickets for the difficulty of the tasks they complete. Children will also be given a Big Maths beat that test every week to practice. If your child has lost their homework, please practice their times tables.

School Books - Children will be given an individual reading book to read at home.

Spring 1 - A Child's War

Frozen Kingdom - Autumn 2

What a busy half term so far! We have found out about life aboard the Titanic and debated who was to blame for it sinking; Explored how animals have adapted to survive in the harsh polar climate (and experimented with which materials make the best insulators).


We've researched Captain Robert Scott's Antarctic expedition and discovered his long lost letters to loved ones and compared how modern day explorers and scientists live and work in Antarctica.


We have considered information to decide whether it is fact, theory and opinion and used this to discuss and debate issues including climate change- we were particularly concerned about the impact of Humans on animal habitats and numbers.


To top it all, on Friday 7th December, we spoke to Ali Massey and several of her colleagues from the British Antarctica Survey at the Rothera Station, to find out about their work. 

Frozen Kingdom Homework

Darwins Delights - Autumn 1

This half term, our topic will be Darwin's delights. In this topic we will be looking at Darwin's journey to the Galapagos and investigating some of the amazing creatures he discovered. We will be writing our own journal entries about weird and wonderful creatures and learning about how organisms have adapted to their environments.

Just a few of the things we have done this term.

Autumn 1 Homework Menu