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Ninian Park Primary School


Year 6

 smileyCroeso i Blwyddyn 6! smiley


yes Our year group page will be updated each week so that you can find out what we will be learning about yes


Project: This week we will be continuing to learn about rights around the world. Our right for World Children’s Day this week (see our separate Rights page) is ‘we have the right to these rights’ and are looking at different areas of rights. 


In Literacy, we are continuing to plan and write our cautionary tales to help others to be ethically informed citizens. 


In Maths, we will be covering some basic skills each group have found tricky in CLIC tests this week. These areas include: jigsaw numbers, fact families, column division, coin cards. Can you practise these at home?


*It is really important that, as well as the work we do in school, the children read as much as possible at home, or are read to by someone else. This will help them to gain a greater understanding of how stories are structured and give them more experience of story plots.



Important things to remember:

We have P.E. every week. Pupils need to bring their P.E. kit with them. Blue or white t-shirt, black shorts and trainers. If pupils forget their kit, there is spare available in school to ensure they participate.


We are often asked how parents can help their children at home. Here are some ideas for you:


* Pupils will have a homework menu each half term, with activities linked to their topic work. They can complete them as little or often as they like but should aim to complete all the tasks by the end of the half term.


* Basic addition and multiplication skills are at the heart of most of our maths work. Helping your child practise these skills will really help them to progress. There are many websites with worksheets you can print or games you can load. We suggest that 5 minutes a day on the Hit the Button website will have a positive impact on your child's learning. Please take a look (see the link below). If they have mastered Hit the Answer on a particular times table, move on to the Hit the Question. After that, have a go at division facts.


* Reading. Your child has an online account with their reading books (as well as some maths games). They need to read the books and answer the questions. This helps us to assess their comprehension skills, which are as important as their ability to read fluently. Listening to your child read means that you can pick up on their mistakes. Reading TO your child helps them to understand what good, fluent reading with expression sounds like.



Miss Lewis and Miss Norrish


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