Welcome to Ninian Park Primary School’s website.

Please read our LATEST NEWS (found under the LETTERS & POLICIES tab on our home page) for the latest information.

We are currently using our CALENDAR (also found under the LETTERS & POLICIES) to let you know about online live streaming events that you might be interested in.

If you have any queries about remote learning please contact the school via email at their thanks for your support and patience during this period.

Our school is now the cluster hub for children of key workers and will be run by staff from local primary schools. If you have any questions about home learning please email - Staff will monitor this email box on a daily basis.

Ninian Park Primary School


Orange Level

Grumbling Kim

Tiger's Birthday Present



My Dog Hugo

The Anti Litterbug

Old Tractors Never Die

Animal Puzzles

Ambrosia's Picnic

The Birthday Present


My Brother's Bike

Skull Clues

Put Out That Fire

Bella Goes Shopping

The Disappearing Lollipop

Sweets for a Treat

Sheep Dogs

Ambrosia's Big Breakfast

Happy Birthday Billy the Bad