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Ninian Park Primary School


Year 5

Croeso i Blwyddyn 5!


Our year group page will be updated each week so that you can find out what we will be learning about.


Project: Our project this term is based around an enquiry question:


Is Change the Same as Progress?


All our learning will be linked with this question, and hopefully by comparing different periods of history we will be able to examine various changes over the ages and evaluate the impact these changes have had on our country, our society and our culture.


So far, we have been learning about the Suffragette movement in the early 1900s and the change this made to women's rights. Pupils have written a letter from an imprisoned Suffragette, designed 'Votes For Women' banners and taken part in a march and a rally around the school. 


We have now moved on to looking at the changes and progress that occurred during the Industrial Revolution. Each class is focusing on a different area; child labour, food to farming and power. We are writing chronological reports about what we have learnt, as well as using our expressive arts skills to create a performance to music.


*It is really important that, as well as the work we do in school, the children read as much as possible at home, or are read to by someone else. This will help them to gain a greater understanding of how stories are structured and give them more experience of story plots.



Maths: Temperature

**To calculate temperature differences including those involving temperature rise and fall across 0 °C

** – To measure and record temperatures involving positive and negative readings

* To take temperature readings using thermometers and interpret readings above and below 0 ° C



Important things to remember:

We have P.E. every week. Pupils need to bring their P.E. kit with them. Blue or white t-shirt, black shorts and trainers. If pupils forget their kit, there is spare available in school to ensure they participate. Usually class 5B and 5C have their sports sessions on Thursdays and 5A has theirs on Friday. If this is likely to change your child will be informed in advance.



We are often asked how parents can help their children at home. Here are some ideas for you:


* Pupils will have a homework menu each half term, with activities linked to their project work. They can complete them as little or often as they like but should aim to complete all the tasks by the end of the half term.


* Basic addition and multiplication skills are at the heart of most of our maths work. Helping your child practise these skills will really help them to progress. There are many websites with worksheets you can print or games you can load. We suggest that 5 minutes a day on the Hit the Button website will have a positive impact on your child's learning. Please take a look (see the link below). If they have mastered Hit the Answer on a particular times table, move on to the Hit the Question. After that, have a go at division facts.


* Reading. Your child has an online account with their reading books (as well as some maths games). They need to read the books and answer the questions. This helps us to assess their comprehension skills, which are as important as their ability to read fluently. Listening to your child read means that you can pick up on their mistakes. Reading TO your child helps them to understand what good, fluent reading with expression sounds like.



Mrs Cobb, Mr Jones and Mr Matyus


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