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Wythnos 1 - 

Pawb: Croeso nôl! Sut wyt ti? - Welcome back! How are you?


Wythnos 2 -

FP: Ga i brechdanau/cinio? - Can I have sandwiches/dinner?

KS2: Hoffwn i gael brechdanau/cinio os gwelwch yn dda - I would like sandwiches/dinner please


Wythnos 3 - 

FP: Barod - Ready

KS2: Wyt ti’n barod? - Who is ready?


Wythnos 4 -

Pawb: Dwylo i fyny! Dwylo i lawr! - Hands up! Hands down!


Wythnos 5 -

FP: Ga i fynd i’r tŷ Bach? - Can I go to the toilet?

KS2: Ga i fynd i’r tŷ Bach is gwelwch yn dda? - Can I go to the toilet please?


Wythnos 6 - 

FP: Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw? - What is the weather like today?

KS2: Sut oedd yr tywydd ddoe? - What was the weather like yesterday?


Wythnos 7 - 

Pawb: Ble rwyt ti’n byw? - Where Do you live?


Wythnos 8 -

Pawb: Beth sy’n bod? - What’s the matter?



Wythnos 1 - 

Pawb: Cofiwch gofio! - Remember remember!


Wythnos 2 - 

FP: Gwrandewch! - Listen!

KS2: Gwrandewch yn ofalus! - Listen carefully!


Wythnos 3 - 

Pawb: Mae’n amser chwarae!


Wythnos 4 - 

Pawb: Sawl ... sy’ yma? - How many... are here?


Wythnos 5 - 

FP: Wyt ti’n hoffi canu? - Do you like singing?

KS2: Wyt ti’n gallu canu? - Can you sing?


Wythnos 6 -

Pawb: Oes... gyda ti? - Do you have...?


Wythnos 7 - 

FP: Nadolig Llawen!

KS2: Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!