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Ninian Park Primary School





Wythnos 1 - 

FP: Pwy wyt ti? - Who are you?

KS2: Beth ydy dy enw di? - What is your name?


Wythnos 2 - 

Pawb: Ydy hi’n heulog? - Is it sunny?


Wythnos 3 -

Pawb: Faint ydy dy oed di? - How old are you?


Wythnos 4 - 

Pawb: Pa liw ydy hwn? - What colour is this?


Wythnos 5 -

FP: Wyt ti’n hoffi nofio? - Do you like swimming?

KS2: Wyt ti’n gallu nofio? - Can you swim?


Wythnos 6 - 

Pawb: Dydd Miwsig Cymru! - Welsh Music Day!



Wythnos 1 - 

Pawb: Bobl Bach! - Goodness gracious me!


Wythnos 2 - 

Pawb: Dydd Gwŷl Dewi Sant Hapus! - Happy St. David’s Day!


Wythnos 3 - 

FP: Wedi gorffen - Finished

KS2: Dw i’n wedi gorffen - I am finished


Wythnos 4 - 

FP: Ga i...? - Can I have...?

KS2: Ga i... os gwelwch yn dda? - Can I have... please?


Wythnos 5 - 

Pawb: Mae’n amser cinio! - It’s dinner time!


Wythnos 6 - 

Pawb: Ble mae’r...? - Where is the...?