Easter holidays begin on Saturday 23rd March and end on Sunday 7th April. We look forward to seeing everyone back in school on Monday 8th April. Don't forget to order your lunches online.

Ninian Park Primary School


Virtual Sports Day 2020

We have completed our first ever Virtual Sports Day!



Everyone who took part and submitted an entry will get an electronic certificate in their Seesaw account after half term.  


Certificates will be -

Bronze = 1 challenge completed

Silver = 2 to 5 challenges completed

Gold = 6 or more challenges completed


We also have a 

Super Sports Star!



A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible - pupils, parents, staff and friends of Ninian Park Primary from across the globe.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!



Scroll down for the challenges 


Beat the Teacher videos.

Here are some of the wonderful messages of support we have received for our Virtual Sports Day.  

To see many, many more take a look at our Tweet feed @nppschool

Cardiff City FC support NP sports day

Our Sports Day goes international with Mr Ems in Thailand

Mrs Edwards does it her way with the egg and spoon and horse!

Welcome to our

Virtual Sports Day 2020

Sports Day is one of the great events in our school calendar and we couldn't let a little thing like a global pandemic stop us celebrating together.  However, we do have to be safe and responsible, so this year we are going online!



As part of their Home Learning, Year 4 are currently designing sports day activities that we can do at home.  They are thinking about keeping you active and safe, only using common household items.  We will have to wait until Tuesday 19th March at 9am to see what those activities will be.



For every activity that you photograph/video yourself doing (and send to Seesaw) you will awarded 5 points for your house.  Please make sure you let your teacher know if we can use your photos or videos in a film we will put together to celebrate this event.



There will be certificates for participation - the more activities you send in the more points you will get for your house and the higher award you will receive.  But, as a national supermarket says, every little helps, so even if you are only able to send in one activity, it is still worth taking part. 





Can't remember what house you're in?

Take a look below.



House colours

  • Ty Glyndwr = green
  • Ty Bevan = red
  • Ty Bassey = blue


If you can wear something that's your house colour whilst completing your challenges next week great.  If not, please don't worry, it's the taking part that counts. 


However, any inappropriate slogans/words/images etc on clothing will mean we cannot use your images in our celebration video.

Virtual Sports Day Challenges

We hope you have fun with our challenges and enjoy taking part with those in your household.


Please remember that pupils can get house points by sending in a photo (or video) of them doing a challenge.  The more challenges you show us you have tried, the more house points you will get. 


Certificates will be put onto Seesaw by the end of Monday 25th May.  There will be 3 levels of participation


Bronze - 1 challenge posted on Seesaw

Silver - between 2 and 7 challenges posted on Seesaw

Gold - 8 or more challenges posted on Seesaw


Good luck everyone!

Pwb lwc pawb!


Beat the teacher


Some of our staff have had a go at a challenge or two.

Can you beat the teacher?

Have a go

Mrs Cobb has taken on the Partner Plank challenge

Still image for this video

Mrs Mottram kicks us off with the Taekwondo challenge

Still image for this video

Mrs Eastwood does the Taekwondo Challenge

Still image for this video

Mrs Griffiths shows Ty Bassey how to do Sports Day

Still image for this video

Mrs Hill does the skipping challenge

Still image for this video

Mrs Jones does the Blindfolded Balance Challenge

Mrs Preston Does the balancing challenge!

Mrs Eastwood does the Blindfolded Balance

Mrs Mottram does the Blindfolded Balance challenge

Still image for this video

Mr Carter does Sports Day

Still image for this video

Mrs Eastwood does the target challenge

Still image for this video

Mrs Hill does the partner plank with a furry friend

Still image for this video

Miss Lewis does the Partner Plank

Still image for this video

Mrs Eastwood does the partner plank challenge

Mrs Hill does the sit down, stand up challenge

Still image for this video

Mrs Morris does the Washing Line Challenge

Still image for this video

Mrs Wilkes does the Ball Bounce Challenge with socks

Still image for this video