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Ninian Park Primary School


Right of the week

The right of the week allows us to focus our attention and learn about our rights, how we experience them, how others round the world experience them and how we can help others to enjoy these rights too. 

W/C 8th July 2019

Article 15- The right to meet with friends and join groups and clubs


With International friendship day approaching on 30th July, we will be thinking this week of what makes us a good friend and celebrating the work we have achieved in our clubs and pupil action groups this year. Year 6 will be preparing to say farewell to some of their friends as they move on to their next adventure in high school.

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W/C 1st July 2019

Article 12- We have the right to be listened to and taken seriously


As we meet our new teachers in our transition days this week we will be using our right to be heard to help create our new class charters and begin to share what we want to achieve in the next academic year.

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W/C 24th June 2019-

Article 6- We have the right to grow up fit and healthy


This week is National Health and Well-being week. Across the school this week we will be celebrating with 20 minutes each day dedicated to helping us keep our minds and bodies healthy.


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W/C 17th June 2019

Article 22- Refugee children have the same rights as children born in the UK



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W/C 10th June 2019

Article 24- The right to the best possible health care 


It's coming to the end of National Smile Month this week  as we celebrate our right to access good health care when we are feeling unwell. 

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W/C 3rd June 2019


Article 29-  Education should encourage respect for our own and others cultures and the environment


This week with World Environment day on 5th June and World Oceans day on 8th June, we  will be thinking about our local environment and how we can care for it and looking at the environments around the world and how our small actions can make a big difference- Could you help by collecting litter in your local area? Could you turn off your lights and switches to use less energy? Could you be recycling more to be less wasteful?

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W/C 20th May 2019


Article 24- Everyone has the right to nutritious food


This week, ahead of World Hunger Day on 28th May 2019,  we  will be thinking about how lucky we are to have access to lots of fresh, nutritious foods and ways that we can be less wasteful. The theme for World Hunger Day this year is Sustainability- How could you be more sustainable?

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W/C 13th May 2019


Article 24- The right to learn about health and well-being so we can stay healthy

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W/C 6th May 2019


Article 29- The right to be the best you can  be 

With the National tests taking place this week, the Rights Respecting Ambassadors want to remind everyone that we all have the right to be the best we can be. Lets show what we can do!
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W/C 29th April 2019


Article 28- The right to education that respects children's rights

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W/C 8th April 2019


Article 12- The right to be listened to and taken seriously



The Rights Ambassadors would like you to use your right to article 12 (the right to be listened to and taken seriously) by participating in our competition to create a rights mascot for our school.

We need your ideas for a design and name- It could be an animal, human or mythical creature of your own creation… let your imagination go wild.

Simply complete your design on the template provided and hand entry to your class teacher by Friday 3rd May 2019.


Happy Creating- We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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W/C 1st April 2019


Article 13- Every child has the right to express their thoughts and opinions

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