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Ninian Park Primary School


How to make a Celtic Roundhouse model 3C

How to make a model round house.


​ ​​​​do you want to  learn about round houses and how the celts lived.

follow these instructions  to make a model round house.


what you need ;



•brown paper

•lolipop sticks

•packing peanuts


what you do 

1.first you flatten the clay into a circle shape

2.second spread the glue all over the  circle of clay. you need to stick two strips of brown  paper on the sides.

4.we made a circle using a brown peace of paper for the walls.

5.we made detail using the lolipop sticks.

6.we used  cardboard as mud.

7.finally used packing peanuts and colour them red,yellow and orange to make the fire.


final note of warning

never ever stick your finger in clay for long or it will stick on you finger.