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Dinner Squad

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Hello and welcome to our page.


We are the Dinner Squad.

It is our responsibility to make the dining hall as pleasant experience as possible for all 550 children who eat there each day.  It is a busy and bustling place, but it is also filled with delicious smells and happy chatter.  We encourage everyone to behave politely and be patient with one another.


This year we aim to - 

  • Make the dining room a calm and pleasant place; by being respectful to everyone.
  • Keep pupils informed on menu choices.
  • Encourage pupils to help others in the dining hall.


So far this year we have - 

  • Researched calm music for the dining hall.
  • Designed and made badges to show who the Dinner Squad are.
  • Created a playlist of calming tunes that one of the Dinner Squad start off each lunchtime.
  • Created posters of dining rules that are displayed for all to see.
  • Encouraged every year group to tidy up after themselves in the dining hall.
  • Created a display in the dining hall that will show that week's menu choices and be amended by the Dinner Squad each week.