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Ninian Park Primary School


Big Maths

All children from Nursery to Y6 follow the BIG MATHS scheme to develop maths skills. Every class has a CLIC (Counting, Learn-it's, It's nothing new and Calculation)

session for 15-20 minutes every day to develop all aspects of Number which is taught using progress drives with small steps planned following the scheme. Every week pupils have a CLIC and BEAT THAT test which enables the teachers to assess what the children have learnt and what they still need to understand. This informs the teacher's planning and enables progression for every child. Big Maths is practical and interactive and fun! You can help your child on their BIG MATHS journey by helping them practice their Learn-it's.



Addition Learn it's

Multiplication Learn it's

1 (Rec)

1+1 2+2


2 (Rec)

3+3 4+4 5+5


3 (Rec)

1+2 2+3

Counting in multiples of 10

4 (Y1)

2+8 3+7 4+6 1+9

Counting in multiples of 5

5 (Y1)

4+2 5+2 6+2 7+2 9+2 4+3 5+3 6+3


6 (Y1)

6+6 7+7 8+8 9+9

Counting in multiples of 2

7 (Y2)

3+8 3+9 4+7 4+8 4+9

X10 tables

8 (Y2)

5+4 5+6 6+7 8+7 8+9

X 5 tables

9 (Y2)

5+9 6+9 7+9 5+7 5+8 6+8

X2 tables

10 (Y3)


X 3 tables

11 (Y3)


X 4 tables

12 (Y3)


X 8 tables

13 (Y4)


Six fact challenge

14 (Y4)


X 11 tables

15 (Y4)


X 12 tables