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Ninian Park Primary School


Abacus Evolve

Creative teaching is at the heart of children’s attainment in mathematics and it helps to generate their enthusiasm for the subject.


There are three key things that help us achieve this.


Being in control:


Abacus Evolve enables teachers to be in control of what they teach, how they teach it, and how they differentiate the activities for children of different abilities.


A good structure:


Abacus Evolve provides a systematic structure, enabling us to teach the large number of different maths topics and objectives in the best order for our pupils, allowing the appropriate amount of repetition and ensuring that the whole curriculum is covered.


Encouraging mathematical talk:


Talk enables children to take control of the maths they have been taught. Through discussing their maths, children relate it to their own experience; they embed their knowledge in real-life contexts and relate it to the rest of the curriculum. We encourage children to solve problems of which some aspects may involve more than pure mathematics.


Abacus Evolve provides structured and systematic coverage of the maths curriculum.


In addition, Abacus Evolve has many distinctive features:


• It provides a wide range of open-ended and problem-solving activities, visible at every stage and in each part of the programme. These activities, both in teaching and learning, are at the core of every component.

• Some weeks are specifically linked to a theme from a different curriculum area, to enable teachers and pupils to highlight the connections between maths and other subjects, and also make the most of any overlap in teaching.


By making the adaptable plan the centre of the scheme, teachers are given the flexibility to select uniquely sequenced activities designed to meet the needs of their pupils, giving teachers the fantastic option of tailoring each lesson to their class’s requirements.