Last day of the Summer term is Friday 19th July. School opens to pupils on Tuesday 3rd September. We hope you have a wonderful summer break.

Ninian Park Primary School


International School Links

We have had a connection with the small country of Lesotho (known as the kingdom in the sky) since 2018 when Miss Norrish visited and worked with teachers and children in 4 schools in the mountainous town of Thaba-Tseka over a 6 month period with the charity Dolen Cymru. 


Since returning the link with Lesotho has remained strong with a continual sharing of educational practice and life in respective countries. This has allowed children in both countries to experience and learn about their linked countries. 

Connecting Classrooms 2019-2022 


We continued our global citizenship and partnership through our Connecting Classrooms project with Thaba Tseka Primary School. Learners in both countries completed work taking action for Sustainable Development Goals, 13 (Climate Action) and 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation). Pledges were made to improve our planet and we planted fruit trees to make our schools more sustainable.  


Our creative and innovative international activities with Lesotho and through lessons and project weeks has been recognised by the British Council who have accredited us with their International Schools Award for Outstanding Development of the International Dimension of the Curriculum.  


We are excited to continue our partnership and build on our shared global learning through a Taith funded project in September 2023.







Here are some of our activities

Taith Project 2023-24


Pride of Place

In February half term, Miss Norrish, Miss Hulatt and Mrs Bah went to work with our partner school in Lesotho.


The Project aims are:


  • To celebrate our cultures through-

    •  a shared Basotho blanket featuring symbols of both cultures 

    •  Bard poetry competitions 

  • To develop pupil voice and well-being with Well-being Champions in each school (helping others to recognise and manage emotions).

  • To promote inclusion and communication through BSL.

  • To support independent outdoor learning of phonics.


Progress so far:


During our visit we were able to complete all of the work linked to the aims, take a look at the pictures of our work below.



Since returning we have:

  • Shared our work with the wider school through assemblies.
  • Carried out Bard competitions in Wales and Lesotho around the theme of Pride of Place.
  • Led shared learning in Wales and Lesotho to celebrate our countries cultural days, St David's Day and Moshoeshoe's Day.
  • Continued to work with the wellbeing champions at Thaba Tseka to promote physical and mental wellbeing in learners.
  • Continued to support and learn with our colleagues at Thaba Tseka to co-create resources for global learning.




2nd May 2024- Members of our choir were invited to sing for the King of Lesotho, King Letsie III

Upcoming actions

In the coming months we will be:

  • Creating screen printings of Welsh symbols to be joined to the Basotho symbols in a shared cultural blanket.
  • Establishing Wellbeing Champions at Ninian Park Primary to work with their peers in Lesotho.
  • Holding video calls with children and teachers in Lesotho to learn together about what makes our countries special.
  • Running a Language Learner competition in both countries for the best Welsh/ Sesotho language learner.


In July we will be welcoming Mme Lerato from Thaba Tseka Primary School to continue our learning in person and in November, an exhibition of our shared work and partnership project will be on display at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.