The school building is currently closed apart from for key worker children. Work is being provided online for all pupils. If you require support please call the school. Stay safe and hopefully we will see you all soon.

Ninian Park Primary School


Business Legends

Hello, we are the Business Legends.


This year we are going to - 

  • Research a product to sell
  • Work out how much it will cost to make
  • Calculate how much we need to sell it for to make a profit
  • Advertise our product
  • Sell all our products
  • Calculate our profits
  • Evaluate how we got on and write a report for Miss Scott and next year's business PAG.


So far this year we have

  • Looked into lots of possible products, including fruit kebabs, chocolate bars, wrist bands and t-shirts.
  • Talked to the Healthy Heroes about what they would like the children to have.  This eliminated the chocolate bars (sorry Mrs Morris).
  • Talked to the Move it! Learn it! PAG about having special t-shirts for each house for Sports Days and PE kits.
  • Talked to some parents and teachers about how much we could sell items for.
  • Costed up t-shirts with iron on logos.
  • Set a competition for each house to design their own logo.