Latest news: Thank you to all those who donated to Children in Need. We raised a total of £212.35. Well done Everyone!

Ninian Park Primary School


Business Legends

Hello, we are the Business Legends.


This year we are going to - 

  • Research a product to sell
  • Work out how much it will cost to make
  • Calculate how much we need to sell it for to make a profit
  • Advertise our product
  • Sell all our products
  • Calculate our profits
  • Evaluate how we got on and write a report for Miss Scott and next year's business PAG.


So far this year we have

  • Looked into lots of possible products, including fruit kebabs, chocolate bars, wrist bands and t-shirts.
  • Talked to the Healthy Heroes about what they would like the children to have.  This eliminated the chocolate bars (sorry Mrs Morris).
  • Talked to the Move it! Learn it! PAG about having special t-shirts for each house for Sports Days and PE kits.
  • Talked to some parents and teachers about how much we could sell items for.
  • Costed up t-shirts with iron on logos.
  • Set a competition for each house to design their own logo.