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Ninian Park Primary School



The teachers at Ninian Park Primary School work closely with their pupils. They do this to assist each pupil as they learn and progress. We recognise that for the pupils in our school to make excellent progress, our staff have to make careful and ongoing assessments. We do this through the use of Assessment Of & For Learning strategies and use of an electronic system called Incerts to support us.


Incerts is a non-profit organisation that is transforming assessment in schools through innovative technology. Our analytical approach helps school leaders get more than they thought possible from assessment. Due to being recognised as a ‘non-profit’ organisation we are subject to regulation. We document our social impact and demonstrate that our work is beneficial to the education community we serve. Everything we do is designed to help achieve our two social goals:

- To improve learning and achievement in schools
- To reduce teachers’ non-teaching workload

Incerts is a unique hybrid of social mission, education strategy and technical expertise. This powerful combination has allowed us to create a tool that is fit-for-purpose, effective and affordable.


"Standardised tests alone are not effective in identifying next steps for pupils and driving up achievement. Teacher assessment is more detailed, extensive and often more informed. When teacher assessments are used formatively throughout the year, problems can be recognised, target groups can be identified, interventions can be put in place and attainment can be truly improved. At Incerts, everything we do is geared towards encouraging formative use of teacher assessment, for planning and improving pupil performance." (Incerts website)


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