Easter holidays begin on Saturday 23rd March and end on Sunday 7th April. We look forward to seeing everyone back in school on Monday 8th April. Don't forget to order your lunches online.

Ninian Park Primary School


What's new this week?

If we had been in school we would have been taking part in our fabulous sports day.  But, we are not going to be defeated, so we are going online to create a Virtual Sports Day. 


This week Year 4 have been challenged to come up with activities for us to do at home.  Staff will be sorting these events and putting them onto the school website ready for our Virtual Sports Day to go live at 09:00 on Tuesday 19th May.  You will then have until 12:00 (lunchtime) Friday 22nd May to take part in one or more activities. 


If you send your teacher a photo or film of you taking part you will get 5 house points.  If you send in evidence of 2 activities you will get 10 points, etc.


For more information, check out our Virtual Sports Day webpage



Website details

Website details

Health and Well-being


Poster to promote our Virtual Sports Day

Help us spread the word.  Tell people about the benefits of exercise or remind them about social distancing and health and safety.

How does exercise affect my body?

Think about how your body changes when you do exercise.  Don’t forget to think about how it alters your mood.  Use our body map to identify the changes.

Language, Literacy & Communication


Create your own sports commentary

Since we are filming ourselves doing exercises, why not be a TV star?  Read the BBC hints and tips on being a memorable sports commentator.

Email or write a letter to Sports Wales (or a sporting celebrity) to let them know about our Virtual Sports Day

Mathematics & Numeracy



How quick can you …?

See how quickly you can complete some of our simple challenges.  Who will be the quickest in your household to put on 5 items of clothing or do 20 jumping jacks?

Create your own game with a scoring system

Either indoors or outdoors, on the pavement or on paper, can you create your own game with a scoring system.  Take a look at some of our ideas.

Science & Technology


Make your own one minute timer

Using plastic cups/bottles with sand/sugar you can make your own timer.  Make sure you get an adult to supervise this activity.

Pulse rate

Find out how to take your own pulse.  Compare your pulse before and after exercise.  Does your pulse rate change if you compare it after the same exercise every day?

Expressive Arts


Move to the music

Create a playlist to exercise to, or one for a family member.

Film yourself completing one of the Sports Day activities and add your own musical sound track.

Design a PE t-shirt

Send in a design for your new House PE t-shirt and, if chosen by the Move it! Learn it! Pupil Action Group, pupils across the school could be wearing your design.




This year the Olympics would have been hosted in Japan.  Can you research 10 facts about the country and make a Kahoot for your friends and family?

25 Funny & Weird Sports You’ve Never Heard Of

A PowerPoint (or photos) of sports from around the world.  Can you plot where they are played? Which would you like to watch or take part in?