Easter holidays begin on Saturday 23rd March and end on Sunday 7th April. We look forward to seeing everyone back in school on Monday 8th April. Don't forget to order your lunches online.

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What's new this week?

This week we have seen the 75th anniversary of the ending of the war in Europe, so I'm going back in time and giving you only screen-free activities.  If you are looking for more ideas to help your children step away from their tablets/laptops/computers/etc then this is the place for you. 


Below are two ideas for each Area of Learning and Experience (AoLE).  More information on each idea can be found on the appropriate page of our website (click on KEY INFORMATION, then CURRICULUM and finally the area you are interested in)



Website details

Website details

Health and Well-being


Hop, skip, jump

Use chalk (or a soft stone that will not leave permanent damage) to draw a path for daily exercises to enjoy.  You can add star jumps, hopscotch, walking backwards, etc.  Remember to keep them safe and away from the road.

Cloud spotting

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, lie back on a blanket and see what shapes you can spot in the clouds.  If not, look out of a window.  Can you explain what you see to someone else? Can they see it too?

Language, Literacy & Communication


Learn a poem

Developing memory skills is always a good idea.  Find a poem you like that’s not too long and learn it off-by-heart.  Why not perform it for the people in your house? Or post a video to your teacher?


A traditional game that still works well.  One player thinks of an item they can see and says “I spy with my little eye something beginning with …” (and the item’s first letter).  Alternatives can be “something that sounds like …” (add a rhyming word); “something with the middle sound …” etc.

Mathematics & Numeracy



Quick count

Ask a grown up for a number of small objects (e.g. Lego, pegs, frozen peas, etc), a plate/tray and a cloth.  Tip some of the items onto the plate. After 3 seconds cover them up and estimate how many there were.  Nearest guess wins a point.  Make it harder with more items or shorter time.

Number bingo

On a sheet of paper draw a large # to make a grid of 9 boxes.  Fill each box with 6 appropriate numbers (e.g. up to 10 for Reception, but up to 100 for Year 2 onwards).  Then on your daily walk see who can find their numbers first.

Science & Technology


Lockdown advice

Design a poster for other children to help them stay safe during lockdown – get creative.  Alternatively, write a leaflet for adults.

Beginners coding

Computers are taking over the world and we need to know how they communicate. Layout out cards to create a grid.  You can use toys to act as the 'computer' and 'obstacles'.  Now it's up to the 'programmer' to help get the computer through the maze.   Kids will need to give simple instructions in 'code talk' to be successful. 

Expressive Arts


View from my window

You don’t need to be an artist.  A scrap of paper and a biro will get you started.  If you have the resources use paint, felts, whatever you’re allowed.


If you’re lucky enough to have flour, why not make your own playdough.  You can play a game where one person sculpts something and the others have to guess what it is.  It’s not easy and can be very funny.



Good deeds

All the major religions encourage us to be kind to each other.  Write down 3 things could you do to make someone else happier.  Maybe you could send a message to a fellow pupil via Seesaw to let them know that you’re missing them?


Can you make your own timeline of your life or time in lockdown?  You could use photos (if you are allowed), drawings, old cards, old clothes, toys, etc to illustrate your life so far.  It could be on paper, a washing line or a 3D display.  Please send a photo of it to your teacher via Seesaw if you can.


I am aware of the irony of suggesting you look at the following websites to find screen-free activities for your children.  However, the internet is a huge resource and one of the quickest and easiest way to share information during this time; so feel free to smile whilst you click on the links below.


50 screen free activities -


20 screen free activities to do indoors -


100 screen free activities - 

I am aware that some of these activities suggest things like – “Go to a museum” – which we can’t do at the moment.  But there’s nothing to stop you making a You Museum in your own home. 


Also, scroll back through the scavenger hunt ideas that we have been posting on this page each few days.  They can be fun, require concentration, some reading skills, exercise, maths skills (did you find the items quicker this time?) and IT skills (if you take a photo to upload to Seesaw).


I hope some of these ideas give you a fun-filled afternoon.


From all the staff at Ninian Park Primary, we hope that you are all safe, well and happy.