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The school will be closed for the summer holidays from 18th July until 2nd September. Year 1 to Year 6 children will all return on Thursday 3rd September. For Reception & Nursery admissions please see Letter to Parents in the Latest News.

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The 'Diff Diaries



Life is rather different at the moment, and Cardiff are trying to collate everyone's experiences through "The 'Diff Diaries".  Below is a little information about the project, if you want to find out more, including how to share information safely, use the contact details at the end. 


We look forward to seeing what you do!


The 'Diff Diaries


Share your Lockdown Story
The coronarivus has rapidly changed life as we know it in Cardiff, and the ‘Diff Diaries will bring children and young people together for voices to be heard, stories to be told and experiences to be understood for generations to come.

The ‘Diff Diaries will involve lots of opportunities to develop creative skills!


How to Get Involved
Share a weekly video, picture collage or written diary entry of your experience in ‘lockdown’.


To find out more information and how to submit an entry, please visit:
If you have any questions about ‘The ‘Diff Diaries’ please email: or contact us on 07790819982