Last day of the Summer term is Friday 19th July. School opens to pupils on Tuesday 3rd September. We hope you have a wonderful summer break.

Ninian Park Primary School



The following websites have been shared with us, so we thought we'd share them with you. 

Some of them we have already featured in our weekly website update, others are new to us all.  Parents, please remember to supervise children online, as we are not responsible for the content on these sites.


  • Kidadl - Don’t be put off by this site being London based as the website is full of exciting learning and home fun for all ages. There is also a daily timetable for celebrity classes
  • Sumdog - As a social business this company are giving automatic free access to all of their maths, spelling and grammar resources for the duration of school closures.
  • White Rose Maths - This company are preparing free packages for schools who have closed.
  • BBC Bitesize - The BBC has announced a raft of changes to help parents with home schooling; daily lessons will be broadcast through televisions and tablets after the Easter holidays. Most parents and teachers know about this but it’s worth reminding everyone to keep going back as it is all completely free and updated regularly.
  • Duolingo – A great site for learning a new language. Not only is it free but it also has a very handy app to download.
  • 2simple - The creators of Purple Mash and Serial Mash are currently offering schools free access to this great online resource which usually comes at a price.
  • Twig Education - Dedicated to science this website is suitable for Primary Children. Twig are offering free access to their online learning materials e.g. videos, activities and worksheets – just signup via their website.
  • National Geographic Kids - A great platform and totally free. Online games, resources and competitions too all aimed at primary children. Also, lots of subjects are covered e.g. history, science, geography, English, maths, PSHE and & Art & Design.
  • World Geography Games - This free online gaming platform is great for learning geography topics. There are interactive activities on continents, flags, regions, islands, rivers…the list is endless. Just go to the website and enjoy!
  • Emile - Free access to all numeracy and literacy resources until at least the end of June with unlimited teacher and pupil accounts. Just go to the website and complete the form.
  • Oxford Owl – This is aimed at children 3-11 years and is fee to use. It helps children to learn reading and Maths, there is also tips for parents and over 250 free ebooks.
  • The British Museum and Natural History Museum  - both have great interactivity through the Google Arts and Culture app.


Happy surfing.