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Attendance certificates



It's that time of the term again.

Your child will be coming home with an attendance letter stating how much they have been in school this term.  It will also have information to help you find out how many days your child would miss if this carried on for the whole school year.


Attendance %

Days of school missed if attendance continues at this % for a whole year

What does this mean?


No days of learning missed

Excellent attendance, most likely to achieve well in school.

95 – 99%

9 days of learning missed

Good attendance, within Government targets.

90 – 95%

19 days of learning missed

Poor attendance. Below school and government targets.  Your child’s attendance will be monitored by the school.

85 - 90%

23 days of learning missed

Very poor attendance.  The school attendance officer will be monitoring your child’s attendance closely.

80 - 85%

38 days of learning missed


46 days of learning missed


Also this week, if your child has achieved an attendance of 95% or higher they will be coming home with a certificate and small reward.  Unfortunately, Ice Arena Wales (the ice-skating centre) are not carrying on with their vouchers this term.  We hope that this will be sorted out soon.


Thank you for your continuing support.