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Ninian Park Primary School


Year 4

The Romans Are Coming! Homework Menu.

What are we learning about?


Spring Term 2 Topic: The Romans Are Coming!

This term we will begin our Topic by asking ourselves the following questions: Who were the Romans and what impact did they have on Wales? We will explore these questions and develop our knowledge and understanding of what it was like to live during Roman times. We will explore:

  • Who the Romans were
  • Why they invaded Wales
  • The Roman army
  • Caradog and the Celt resistance
  • How Roman ideas shaped Wales.


Please see the homework for more ideas on what you can do at home to extend your learning.

Maths: We have covered many areas of Maths so far this term, including methods for multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting. We have been working on using our mathematical skills in everyday situations where possible by putting our Maths into real life situations. Over the Spring term we will be reading and writing numbers to

10, 000, using weighing scales with division to weigh objects to the nearest 5g, 10g, 25g and 100g and measuring capacities to the nearest 50ml or 100ml through our Topic work and will also be developing our knowledge and understanding of fractions and fractional quantities and using the four mathematical operations to problem solve using numbers up to 100,000 .


Literacy: We will be looking at developing our Drama skills by delivering scripts written in the context of a Roman Soldier/Roman Soldiers wife. We will also be writing A Diary Report based on the life of a Roman and Newspaper Scripts to perform within the classroom.


Science: In the Spring, we will be studying all about the impact of Roman aqueducts, why flooding occurs and question: Did the Romans use toilet paper?


Important things to remember:

We have P.E. every Thursday morning. Pupils need to bring their P.E. kit with them. Blue or white t-shirt, black shorts and trainers.


Reading books are changed when your child has a sound understanding of the content of the text they have been reading. Please ensure your child brings their Home Reading book to school every day to encourage the importance of reading on a daily basis.



We are often asked how parents can help their children at home. Here are some ideas for you:


* Pupils will have a homework menu each half term, with activities linked to their topic work. They can complete them as little or often as they like but should aim to complete all the tasks by the end of the half term.


* Reading. Your child has an online account with their reading books (as well as some Maths games). They need to read the books and answer the questions. This helps us to assess their comprehension skills, which are as important as their ability to read fluently. Listening to your child read means that you can pick up on their mistakes. Reading to your child helps them to understand what good, fluent reading with expression sounds like.




Big Maths CLIC tests

Big Maths CLIC tests 1
Big Maths CLIC tests 2
Big Maths CLIC tests 3
Big Maths CLIC tests 4
Big Maths CLIC tests 5
Big Maths CLIC tests 6
Big Maths CLIC tests 7 Speedy Col says you can use column methods here!
Big Maths CLIC tests 8
Big Maths CLIC tests 9 Check if it's Speedy Col or Super Fab!
Big Maths CLIC tests 10
Big Maths CLIC tests 11
Big Maths CLIC tests 12
Big Maths CLIC tests 13 Use column methods when you see her.
Big Maths CLIC tests 14 Use partitioning and number lines when you see him
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