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Ninian Park Primary School


Year 4

Autumn 1 Potions Homework

Welcome Back Year 4!


This term we are learning all about Potions!!!


Welcome to the amazing magical world of potions and their properties...


Now scientists, beware! There are some powerful and deadly potions out there - dangerous, unpredictable or plain tragic (just ask Romeo and Juliet!)


Use what you know about materials and their properties to create incredible potions in Professor Hazard's Potions class.


Feeling sleepy? Hmmm - that orange did taste a little strange...


Like Alice in Wonderland and George's Marvellous Medicine... be prepared to be dazzled by an array of weird and wonderful potions!!! 


In Maths we will be developing our skills in the following areas:

Measure, capacities to the nearest 50ml/100ml.

Data and representing data using lists, tally charts, tables and diagrams, bar charts and bar line graphs labelled in 2's, 5's and 10's. Using pictograms where one symbol represents more than one unit using a key, Venn and Carroll diagrams.

Measuring temperature readings using thermometers and interpret readings above and below 0 degrees.

Measuring using weight and weighing scales with divisions to weigh objects to the nearest 5g, 10g, 25g or 100g.


In Language we will be developing our writing skills through activities based on writing labels and instructions, writing letters, writing play scripts and poetry and writing non-chronological reports.

We will include Drama based activities to develop oracy skills through exploring different situations with Role Play, expressing opinions about topics, using a range of vocabulary and terminology through talk. We will further develop writing skills through activities based on using subject specific vocabulary independently, choosing and using words from an increasing range of imaginative vocabulary and gather ideas to plan writing. We will further develop reading skills through activities based on exploring information and ideas beyond personal experience, scanning for specific information using a variety of features in texts such as titles, illustrations and key words. We will continue to developing reading skills through Guided Group Reading sessions and also using Bug Club activities.


In Science we will be developing our investigative and prediction skills based on the principle of solids and liquids. We will be developing our observational skills through making comparisons and identifying trends and patterns in data recorded. We will be learning how to care out a fair test by identifying the key variables and how to change the independent variable whilst keeping other key variables the same. We will communicate our findings through speech, writing, drawings and diagrams.


P.E. will take place on Thursdays, so please remember to bring P.E. kits and sensible footwear in. Please make sure you bring your home reading book in everyday as this will be changed when needed.


Big Maths CLIC tests

Big Maths CLIC tests 1
Big Maths CLIC tests 2
Big Maths CLIC tests 3
Big Maths CLIC tests 4
Big Maths CLIC tests 5
Big Maths CLIC tests 6
Big Maths CLIC tests 7 Speedy Col says you can use column methods here!
Big Maths CLIC tests 8
Big Maths CLIC tests 9 Check if it's Speedy Col or Super Fab!
Big Maths CLIC tests 10
Big Maths CLIC tests 11
Big Maths CLIC tests 12
Big Maths CLIC tests 13 Use column methods when you see her.
Big Maths CLIC tests 14 Use partitioning and number lines when you see him
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