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Ninian Park Primary School



How do we help pupils behave well ?

We believe that our school should be a safe happy place where children can learn and teachers can teach. Children, parents and teachers need to work together to achieve this. A school code of conduct exists at Ninian Park to help pupils behave. For more information see the Behaviour Matters booklet on the documents for parents page.


What will happen if I misbehave?

Consequences of poor behaviour

If I misbehave:

I will have a reminder of the good behaviour expected at Ninian Park Primary.



If I misbehave for a second time:

I will receive a warning card and it will be placed on the good to be green chart, I will have time out in another class and reminded what will happen if poor behaviour continues. 


However,if I choose to behave I can remove the warning card and be green again at the end of the morning/afternoon session.



If after that chance I still carry on misbehaving.

If my behaviour continues on return I will be sent to Miss Scott (headteacher), Mrs Morris, (deputy headteacher) Miss Rhodes (ALNCo and head of Ty Bassey), Mrs Griffiths (Head of Ty Bevan) or Mrs Preston (head of Ty Glyndwr) who will then decide on the appropriate consequence.  My parents will be informed.


If all of this happens again and I have another consequence card my parents will be called into school for a formal meeting.


How do we say well done in Nursery and Reception ?

In Nursery and Reception classes, the teacher says well done to praise children and encourage good behaviour. Individual good behaviour is rewarded by stickers